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Say hello to Roam

We cruise around the North Island serving up all the good things

(Seriously - we can make anything, anywhere, any time. Nifty, huh?)

Love the good things in life? 

And by ‘good things,’ we mean real, flavoursome, gourmet eats that get your taste buds all hot under the collar....

Yes? Of course you do (you saucy devil, you). It’s impossible not to when Cam, our chef extraordinaire and creator of literally any cuisine, is on the tools.

Whether it’s a formal banquet for 150 guests, a casual backyard wedding, a birthday celebration or a weekend market, our delicious goods & beautifully refurbished caravan will bring an effortlessly cool vibe to your event. 

Good times, great food. This is what Roam is all about. 


Cam and Linda catered our wedding earlier this year. What a team! From the get go they were amazing to work with- great communication, super professional and just awesome people. Their food is unreal and we had such a tough time choosing our menu because it was all so good! Can't recommend them highly enough.

"Matt & Kirstie"

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